Miss Micha's Classroom - Twenty-Two Month's - Age Two

Children ages twenty-two months up to age three play hard all day at Miss Amy's.  Teachers facilitate learning through play with lots of art, building and pretending in a room of quality toys, games, and books.  With a two to nine child to staff ratio, each child receives the crucial one-on-one attention needed to feel secure and happy in our school and to imagine freely.


Miss Stephanie's Classroom - Young Three-Year-Olds (already three or turning 3 in Dec)

Our young three's continue to be in our combined group, sharing indoor space with our two-year-olds. Teachers are offering opportunities for children to sprout their wings and while continuing to enjoy the comfort of their familiar environment.


Miss Susie's Classrooms - Older Three-Year-Olds (turning four during the school year)

Three is the magic number.  Threes are transitioning from toddlers to freedom-seekers.  Sprouting wings and pushing boundaries.  Our threes join with the younger and older children throughout the day for activities and play where they can work with those children and learn from them. This creates a vibrant learning community.


Miss Amber's Classroom - Pre-K - Ages Four thru Five 

Four's and five's are getting ready for "Big School".  They continue to learn through play with intentional teaching practices helping the children gain school readiness skills.  We believe in nurturing the children's innately inquisitive minds, promoting critical thinking and allowing them the space to problem-solve their social relationships. 


We Learn Hands On!


CLUBHOUSE KIDS - Kindergarten thru Age Seven

****We are not currently enrolling children in this age group at this time****

Clubhouse kids can join the fun at Miss Amy's either before or after school as well as on days when schools are closed.  Our staff works directly with these older kids doing art, playing games, and enjoying outside opportunities.  


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